Funded ED Essentials EOI




This portal is to register your interest for Commonwealth funded ED Essentials places through Inside Out Institute.

Funded places are not guaranteed and available only to eligible clinicians.

Eligibility criteria: Public health service employees and private practitioners who are eligible to provide services under the MBS Eating Disorder item numbers. 

If you are deemed not eligible, ED Essentials is available to purchase at a discounted rate of $120 through CEED, visit

This online learning program is designed for all relevant professionals working with eating disorders, and includes 5 modules with introductory to advanced levels of theory, practice knowledge and resources to work in eating disorders. Each module contains core curriculum, a quiz, and in-practice session with more in-depth view of the topic, clinical tools and a resources section.  Formats include interactive text, role play examples by specialists in the field and feedback from sufferers and their families. 

Important information:

  • The online learning program consists of 5 modules and each module takes approximately 2 - 5 hours to complete.  Total hours to complete the online learning program: approximately 12 - 25 hours.
  • Please note that access to the online training is for three (3) months (based on a 30 day month). After 3 months the training system will automatically close.  If you do not complete the online learning program within the three (3) months timeframe, a one (1) month extension can be purchased for $50.00 via the InsideOut Institute's website (not from CEED) : Or for a further three (3) months access at $95.00 please contact CEED again to discuss the possibility of regaining access for this timeframe. 
  • A certificate of completion is available for self printing upon successful completion of the course. Your certificate can be downloaded from the 'Achievements tab' of your eLearning account, even after course access has expired.
  • Information about CPD points can be found at the InsideOut website: Simply scroll down to the section 'accreditation bodies':

For assistance with registration, please contact:
For assistance with the online learning program, please contact: