Walk and Talk #4 - Coastal Ecosystems

Walk and Talk #4 - Coastal Ecosystems

The Ocean Grove Coastcare Our Place - Walks and Talks-  are part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. Come along and discover a little bit more about the habitats and ecosystems of our local area with local experts and champions.
Ocean Grove's dunes and beaches are home to a wide array of native flora and fauna. Come and explore these unique ecosystems and habitats, and learn how we can better look after these places.
What to bring
You'll need weather-appropriate clothing, a hat, sturdy shoes, a camera or binoculars if desired, and drinking water if needed. Please bring your mobile phone for a QR code check-in.
We recommend that you check your email an hour prior to the walk starting, in the event that we've needed to provide any update (such as cancellation)
Sunday 31 October 2021 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM (UTC+11)


Ocean Grove main surf beach car park western end
Ocean Grove Vic 3226

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