Ulysses for Everyone: A Guided Tour (2nd session)

Ulysses for Everyone: A Guided Tour (2nd session)

Join us for a Bloomsday in Melbourne one day Masterclass –

and finally get into one of the twentieth century’s truly great novels!

Join Joycean expert guides Frances Devlin-Glass and Steve Carey

as they present a fast-paced, fun and fascinating masterclass

on this wonderfully funny, life-affirming and much-misunderstood book.


Where: Online, via Zoom (link will be sent when you book)

When: 10am-5pm Sunday 14th November 2021

Cost: $80


‘Hi, I’m Marilyn Monroe and I read Ulysses... why don’t you?’


Day includes:

  • The key to reading Ulysses for the first time
  • Where to get started (and which bits to save till later on)
  • What it’s all about
  • What Joyce wanted to do with Ulysses
  • Who’s who when he’s at home: a guide to the main characters and to Dublin 1904 (including the historical and political climate)
  • Extracts from the book
  • Guide to online resources and tools
  • Link to the complete audio recording


“Over more than a quarter of a century, through Bloomsday in Melbourne’s theatrical productions and our courses, we’ve introduced thousands of readers to Ulysses. Now we invite you to join us. You don’t need any prior knowledge at all, and we absolutely promise you won’t be put on the spot! We’ll be sharing some of our very favourite passages – and some of the juiciest bits too – and we guarantee that by the end of the day you’ll know this wonderful book a whole lot better, and have a really good idea of how to read it. After this day, there’ll be no stopping you!”

- Frances Devlin-Glass, Artistic Director, Bloomsday in Melbourne