TryBooking is great for taking registrations online. With data collection, you can ask for any information you need as part of the registration process. Join thousands of other clubs and associations who use TryBooking to manage their memberships today.

Powerful online registration and booking platform.

TryBooking has worked with sporting clubs, conferences, schools and businesses in New Zealand.

Create custom forms

Low fees

Secure data

Powerful reporting

Local support

Experience in industry

Easy system for registrations

TryBooking is an online DIY event registration and booking system, suitable for schools, councils, sporting clubs, community groups, arts organisations, businesses and any other organisation taking registrations online. The easy to use system has everything you will ever need to create custom forms, collect money and produce powerful reports.

Get instant access to your participants' information in a simple, clean format that can be easily managed. Reduce all of the tedious data entry jobs and get started with our event registration software.

There is no software to download or extra modules to purchase and you don't need to pay for special training. If you need any assistance, we're just a phone call away.

Easy system for registrations
Great for free and paid registrations

Great for free and paid registrations

Good news! There are no fees for free registrations. Your organisation only pays a low processing fee when the customer completes a paid registration.

Our fees and processing rates are the lowest in the industry. Streamline your operations and start using our event registration software.

How to create registrations online

Step 1:
Create Account
TryBooking's signup form

Step 2:
Create event
Create an event page

Step 3:
Data Collection
Data collection

Step 4:
Brand pages
Create event image uploading

Step 5:
Manage & report
Event Dashboard management page

Speak with a sales consultant

No more paper forms

No more paper forms

Move your system to a cloud-based platform and reap the benefits of a paperless system.

Your customers can access your registration page through a unique URL and are then guided through the steps to complete their registration. They receive an electronic confirmation via email and your account is updated immediately for the transaction.

Data Collection

With TryBooking, you can ask your customers for additional information during the booking process. The questions can be mandatory or optional. Ask anything from dietary requirements to their member number.

Data Collection

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