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Steve Biddulph is an internationally renowned Parenting Author, Educator and Psychologist who was born in the UK but has spent most of his life in Australia. Most famous for his books ‘Raising Boys’ and more recently ‘Raising Girls’, Steve uses TryBooking to manage his talks to parents in local schools where up to 1000 parents from across the UK attend each of his events.

Steve first came across TryBooking in Australia where he found our ‘community spirited, really affordable’ platform which massively simplified bookings for both himself and the parents who were enrolling in his talks. The straightforward and quick process of creating events is something our clients consistently rave about. This is alongside our responsive customer service team who are ‘patient and considerate’ and happy to help whether you’re tech savvy or not!

The ability to check reports daily with live booking data was a big plus for Steve and his team as they can promote those events that need a push and can dial back marketing activity on those events which are selling well. TryBooking gives you total control over your capacity and lets you email your buyers quickly from within your account with updates and information about the event they have booked.

When asked about his favourite feature, Steve said ‘To be honest, it’s so affordable and so we can keep our ticket prices low.  We can offer concessions too, and since we are motivated first by doing good, we like that it’s a community building endeavour more than just another business.’

Our ability to face adversity with dynamic solutions was demonstrable during the recent pandemic where we enabled clients to transition from live events to online events seamlessly. We put our clients first helping them overcome hurdles to enable their businesses to survive and thrive despite the climate.


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