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New Box Office app: the easiest way to sell tickets and take payments at events.

Introducing our new app: The Box Office app to easily sell last-minute tickets, merchandise or food and drink at your event. Take contactless and cash payments in person, just using your mobile.
New Box Office app: the easiest way to sell tickets and take payments at events.

Watch the demo of our new TryBooking Box Office App

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Steps to start selling tickets in person

Sign up and create an event)

Step 1 - Sign up and create an event

Once your event is created in your TryBooking account, you're ready to start selling tickets online and in person with the Box office app.

Download the free app)

Step 2 - Download the free app

Download the app onto your compatible iOS or Android device. You'll need a device compatible with contactless payments.

Start taking payments)

Step 3 - Start taking payments

Now you are ready to start selling your tickets and any merchandise at your event with cash and contactless payments.


Read more details on how to get started

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Want to scan tickets too?

Speed up entry to your events with our easy-to-use scanning app, which lets you check in guests using a mobile device. Plus, volunteers can help out too using Volunteer Mode, which lets them scan tickets without giving them access to sensitive data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the TryBooking Box Office App?

You can download the TryBooking Box Office App on the App Store and Google Play. Once you've downloaded the app, you can sign into your TryBooking account and start selling tickets.

How much does it cost?

There's no cost to get started with TryBooking or using the box office app, and we're totally free for free events.

For paid events, there is a small processing fee and ticket fee:

  • 5% processing fee (charged to the event organiser by default)
  • 15p ticket fee (charged to the ticket purchaser by default)

For clients using Stripe Connect, there may be additional Stripe fees when taking payment using tap to pay.

As an Event Organiser, you have total control over who pays which fees - so you can choose whether to pass them on to your ticket purchaser, or absorb them fully.

You can find more details about our pricing on our pricing page:

What payment methods do you support?

Our box office app supports cash and contactless card payments - including mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Is TryBooking safe?

TryBooking is fully compliant with all information security protocols to ensure the safety of all data stored on our platform.

All data stored on our systems is encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms, and we are fully compliant with PCI security protocols for the storage of payment data. We never store full credit card information - only storing the last 4 digits to show you which card has been used to make the booking.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure your data is secure. All our data is hosted securely in the United Kingdom. We have several layers of security to prevent against attack, including multi-factor authentication, the use of secure website connections on all pages and firewalls protecting against unauthorised traffic.

What devices are compatible with the box office app?

The TryBooking Box Office App is compatible with Apple (iOS) and Android devices. You can see system requirements on our Learning Centre.