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Why TryBooking is a great alternative to Eventbrite

If you're looking for exceptional UK based customer service whilst saving with low transparent fees - here's why event organisers choose TryBooking.
Why TryBooking is a great alternative to Eventbrite

We know that setting up ticketing is just one of many things on your to-do list as an event organiser. At TryBooking, our focus is to give you all the tools you need to create your event - whilst keeping things affordable with our transparent low fees.

Whether you're looking for someone to speak to at the end of the phone, or are just tired of paying high fees - these are just some of the reasons that event organisers are choosing TryBooking over Eventbrite.

With simple low fees and exceptional customer service, we're here to support you with your event.


Here's why event organisers choose TryBooking

Exceptional customer support

Exceptional customer support

Sometimes, you just need to speak to a real person. That's why we have a friendly UK based team of event experts here to help - all at no extra cost.

Transparent low fees

Transparent low fees

Running an event shouldn't break the bank. That's why our fees are low and transparent - with payment processing and VAT included.

Privacy is our priority

Privacy is our priority

Unlike Eventbrite, we don't require your ticket buyers to create an account. You are in full control of your data - and we never market to your guests.

No charge for basic features

No charge for basic features

We don't charge extra for basic features such as seating plans, data collection or multiple ticket types - everything's included with no hidden fees.


See how TryBooking compares to Eventbrite

Our simple low fees, exceptional customer service and no charge for additional features make TryBooking the platform of choice for thousands of event organisers.

Affordable pricing

VAT included

No additional charges for features

Ability to pass on fees to ticket purchasers

UK based customer service via phone and email

Data stored in the UK

£1.54 for 1x £10 ticket

Prices accurate as of 17th January 2022. 59p service fee + 6.95% processing fee.

£0.65 for 1x £10 ticket

Fees include payment processing and VAT

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Save money on your ticket fees

No hidden fees. No pricing tiers. No subscriptions. We only charge low, transparent fees when tickets are purchased.

Processing fee
Includes payment processing and VAT.
Ticket fee

Running a free event? You can use TryBooking for free!


How much can you save?

How much are you charging per ticket? £100
How many tickets will you sell? 10
TryBooking fees
£ 56.75 Per event
£ 5.00 Ticket Fee
£ 51.75 Processing Fee

Standard fees as shown on the 15th February 2022.

Eventbrite fees
$ 124.74 Per event
$ 9.90 Ticket Fee
$ 103.50 Processing Fee
$ 11.34 VAT

Prices accurate as of 15th February 2022.

Total Savings:

Start Saving Now

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Loads of features. No extra cost.

Unlike Eventbrite, we make every feature available to all our event organisers. Take a look at some...

Tabled and seated events
Tabled and seated events

Create custom seating plans at no extra cost.

Unlimited ticket types
Unlimited ticket types

Set up as many tickets as you need for your event.

Email communications
Email communications

Send follow up emails and important updates.

Custom data collection forms
Custom data collection forms

Collect all the data you need during booking.

Embedded website widgets
Embedded website widgets

Let your ticket purchasers buy on your website.

Full real time reporting
Full real time reporting

Access all your data with 40 real time reports.

Accounts for team members
Accounts for team members

Keep secure with individual logins for teams.

and much more...

Don't just take our word for it...

We've already supported thousands of event organisers - here's what some of them have to say about TryBooking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TryBooking the best alternative to Eventbrite?

Compared to Eventbrite, TryBooking has more functionality, a greater focus on privacy, exceptional customer service and of course lower fees.

Our aim is to make planning your event as easy as possible. So we keep things simple, and have support here to help when you need it.

We do this while keeping our fees low, as running an event shouldn't break the bank. Allowing you to take home more of your hard earned profits from your event.

What fees do TryBooking charge?

There’s no cost to get started with TryBooking, and we’re totally free for free events.

For paid events, you can choose to use our payment gateway, or link to your Stripe account.

Payments processed by TryBooking

  • 5% processing fee (charged to the event organiser by default)
  • 15p ticket fee (charged to the ticket purchaser by default)

As an Event Organiser, you have total control over who pays which fees - so you can choose whether to pass them on to your ticket purchaser, or absorb them fully.

Payments processed by Stripe

  • 75p ticket fee
  • Stripe fees: currently 1.4% + 20p (as of 1st January 2023)

As an Event Organiser, you can choose whether to absorb the ticket fee or pass it on to your ticket purchasers. You can't pass the Stripe fees on.

How long does it take to get setup on TryBooking?

It takes just a few minutes to create your account and begin creating your first event on TryBooking.

All that's required to get started it a valid email address, ensuring that you will receive the activation email to complete the registration. Once the account has been activated, you can log in and begin creating your event.

With our Create New Event guide, you'll have your event set up and selling within minutes!

To begin creating your account click Create Seller Account.

Is TryBooking safe?

TryBooking is fully compliant with all information security protocols to ensure the safety of all data stored on our platform.

All data stored on our systems is encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms, and we are fully compliant with PCI security protocols for the storage of payment data. We never store full credit card information - only storing the last 4 digits to show you which card has been used to make the booking.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure your data is secure. All our data is hosted securely in the United Kingdom. We have several layers of security to prevent against attack, including multi-factor authentication, the use of secure website connections on all pages and firewalls protecting against unauthorised traffic.

What customer support does TryBooking have?

We're proud to offer full telephone and email customer support to all our clients, at no extra cost. You can get in touch with one of our friendly team if you have any questions, or even if you just want us to look over your event before going live!

We also have a Learning Centre which is full of step by step tutorials on how to create and make the most of your event.

Do I have to use a payment processor?

No, you don't. Unlike other booking platforms, you can choose whether to accept payments through TryBooking directly, or into your Stripe account.

When someone purchases a ticket, we automatically deduct any fees you've chosen to absorb as an Event Organiser before any funds are added to your balance.

Payments via TryBooking

Once you've verified your bank account with us, you can request to withdraw funds through your Account Dashboard.

Payments via Stripe

Funds are automatically sent to your Stripe account, and are deposited directly in your bank account on a three day rolling basis by Stripe.

We know sometimes you may need to pay deposits before the event - but do strongly recommend that you keep funds in your TryBooking account in case of any refunds, chargebacks or your event being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can TryBooking handle big events?

Absolutely. We support thousands of event organisers every week with all sorts of events, both big and small - and our system is designed to deal with large volumes of bookings.

Can I integrate TryBooking with other tools?

Yes! We integrate with a wide variety to make running your event easy. Integrations include analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and accounting software Xero.

Plus, our open API and webhooks (Notify URL) make it easy for you to build a custom integration to suit your needs.