Affordable pricing

Low event ticketing fees and no fees for free events

Paid events and pricing

Blue cartoon wallet
Customer pays the booking fee


Blue graphic of credit card
Event Organiser (you) pays the processing fees


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No fees for free events

A simple pricing structure

There is no tiered pricing or limits to your functionality and we provide unlimited customer support at no extra cost. We also offer the ability to pass on fees to customers. Just get in touch.‚Äč


5% service fee - paid by the event organiser

15p booking fee - paid by the ticket purchaser


Example ticket purchase

£10 ticket + 15p

TryBooking processing fee: 50p 

Event organiser receives £9.50.


£12 ticket + 15p

TryBooking processing fee: 60p 

Event organiser receives £11.40.

Great features and no fees for free events

TryBooking is an incredibly powerful and easy to use ticket platform. There are no ongoing monthly fees or hidden charges. We believe we are the most affordable solution in the industry and our pricing structure is simple for event organisers and attendees.

No fees for processing cash payments Free
UK based support (telephone, email, online) Free
Entry scanning software (Gatekeeper) Free
Custom seating plans Free
Custom forms Free
Online gift certificates Free
Multi-user accounts Free


How much does it cost to buy tickets?

Event organisers set the price of tickets and the only additional cost for customers is a flat 15p per ticket. Your customers will appreciate such a small fee and as their tickets are sent via email there are no postage or handling fees.

How much does it cost to sell tickets?

There are no subscription or setup costs. Event organisers pay the processing fee of 5% per transaction when a ticket payment for your event is processed online. TryBooking reports provide a full breakdown of ticket sales, credit card processing fees and the funds remaining in your account.

Do prices include GST/VAT?

Yes, TryBooking prices are inclusive of VAT.

Do I pay additional processing fees?

No, you don't. Our low fee of 15p + 5% per transaction is the only thing you have to pay. Our pricing is simple and all inclusive. You won't encounter any sneaky additional fees. 

What if I need to refund a booking or an entire event?

Simply click the Refund function on your Account Dashboard and follow the prompts. Not only is the ticket price refunded but all associated credit card charges will be refunded as well. Only the 15p booking fee is non-refundable.

Do I need a bank account to sell tickets?

All funds raised from your sales are collected in your TryBooking account. You can start selling tickets as soon as your booking page is launched. Once your account has a positive balance in your TryBooking account you are able to link it to your own nominated bank account and request funds to be transferred. 

Are there any other costs for using the software?

No subscription fee. No training costs. No software fees. No merchant fees. No monthly fees. No upfront fees. No contracts or minimums. You only pay fees when a payment is completed.

When do I receive the funds from my sales?

You can request funds as soon as you have verified your bank account and have a positive balance. If you are a new client we may ask a few questions to verify your event. This is a very simple process and all we need is a venue confirmation or proof of expenditure. We know all events are unique so our support team is here to talk you through the process and discuss your specific circumstances.

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