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The best registration and booking platform in the UK.

Since TryBooking was brought to the UK we have worked with sporting clubs, conferences, schools and businesses with a powerful online registration tool.

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Easy system for registrations

TryBooking is an online DIY registration and booking solution, suitable for schools, councils, sporting clubs, community groups, arts organisations, businesses and any other organisation taking registrations online. The easy to use system has everything you will ever need to create custom forms, collect money and produce powerful reports.

Get instant access to your participant's information in a simple, clean format that can be easily managed. Reduce all of the tedious data entry jobs and get started with our event registration software.

There is no software to download or extra modules to purchase and you don't need to pay for special training. If you need any assistance, we're just a phone call away.

Great for free and paid registrations

Good news! There are no fees for free registrations. Your organisation only pays a low processing fee when the customer completes a paid registration form. Our fees and processing rates are the lowest in the industry. Streamline your operations and start using our event registration software.

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How to create registrations online

Create an account

Set up your account in under a minute. Once you have entered your details and created an account you can easily manage all aspects of your event registration and bookings using the powerful dashboard.  


Build pages

Enter the key details of your registration form and start building your custom page. It is a simple process, with step by step instructions that will guide you along the way. If you ever need help, the support team is just a phone call or email away. 


Create and share

Now you've got the basics of your online event registration form, click finish and you'll automatically get a personalised URL for your page. You can use this unique link to direct customers to your registration page via your existing communications channels such as email, Twitter, Facebook or newsletters.


Manage your registrations

With our system, you can run reports, process refunds or edit the details. It is simple to recreate your old paper registration forms on TryBooking. Add data fields to capture the information you need and prompt participants along the way to ensure that no vital information is left out. Set Yes/No, date fields and lists of values to increase the accuracy of the information you receive. We help keep your data consistent, legible and accurate. 


Brand your registration pages

Customise your page with a logo, copy and eye-catching images. 


Secure information

TryBooking stores all sensitive information securely allowing you to collect all the personal information you need such as address, allergies, contact details and health information. 

Want more technical information? View the learning centre

No more paper forms

Move your system to a cloud-based platform and stop manual data entry. 


Secure information and payments

Purchasers are guided through the steps, pay using a credit card and are sent a receipt. 

Your customers can access your registration page through a unique URL. A powerful and simple online event registration system for both organisations and registrants.

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Easy payments

Banking details

Account holders simply provide a bank account to link to their TryBooking account for receiving funds. Once you begin to collect money, you can easily track your event registrations through the reports on your dashboard for complete transparency.


Issue refunds

Refunds are easily handled via the dashboard and all credit card fees are returned.


Are there any other costs?

Fees are only charged when you receive a payment from a transaction. Registrants will pay just 15p per booking and your organisation covers the credit card processing fees. See pricing for more information. 


Lots of great organisations use TryBooking for registrations.
- Sports clubs
- Conferences
- Schools
- University groups
- Community groups


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