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Apr 04, 2022 · 1 min read

How to promote your event on social media?

How to promote your event on social media?

Don’t have a lot of experience promoting on social media?

No need to worry. It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think.

It might be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of platforms, and the various strategies you can put together. Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat – where to begin? If you don’t have much experience, then it can seem overwhelming.

But take heart! There’s actually plenty you can do on social media that doesn’t require you to be an expert. The best part? These simple techniques are often the most powerful.

If you want to promote your event on social media, sell tickets online or simply get the word out, here are some strategies you should try:

Spend some money!

Social media, more than ever before, is pay-to-play. You’ll need to get used to the idea that you’re going to have to spend some money in order to get a return.

It doesn’t need to be much – a couple of hundred bucks can have a surprising impact. But you’ll need to think beyond just making normal posts. They don’t work anymore, so you’ll need a little bit of cash to get the most bang for your buck.

Use our pricing calculator to view how much payout you should be expecting for your event to help calculate and weigh up how much you can spend on social media. 

Target your audiences

Think about where your audiences are likely to be. Don’t just start posting on Pinterest or Twitter – really think about where your audience lives.

For instance, if you’re selling tickets online to slightly older people, then you’re going to want to be on Facebook. You can even use the platform’s sophisticated ad targeting techniques to drill down into demographics, age groups, location by suburb, likes and dislikes. It’s all designed to be accessible to newcomers, so don’t worry if you’re not an ad expert.

Don’t cast a huge, wide net that doesn’t catch anything. Be specific, and you’ll be more effective.

Tracking links are crucial

If you’re posting on social media and linking to your event without tracking those clicks to find what post, time and social media platform they came from you our losing key data.

Use free site like Bitly to have your clicks tracking within seconds, this strategy can be used in multiple ways to best track and understand your audience in how they engage.

Make sure you track the links for stories, posts, collaboration posts and even influencers posts (so you can actually see how much they’re worth). Each one of these social media posts should have a different source, medium and campaign.

Before you send us, messages saying, “links don’t work on Instagram.” We are already two steps ahead of you.

That’s why most companies who post regularly on Instagram use Linktree, since you can have one link in your description before it gets out of hand.

Linktree will allow you to populate a page full of tracking links across multiple different sites, campaigns, or other socials.

Now you can tell people to click that link in bio 😉

Photography and video

Your posts are more likely to be shared widely if they have photography or video. But a couple of things to keep in mind:

First, photography works best when it’s inspiring or motivational. Try and play on these themes when sharing your event invitations, by using inspiring words or messages on your photos.

And if you’re sharing a video promoting your event, make sure it’s captioned. Viewers will more likely stick with a video if it has captions, as they won’t need to play it out loud – this means more people watching your video on the move or on a commute will be able to still get the message.

Stories & short video reign supreme on social media

If you ask any social media specialist, the first thing they will say is short video like stories have the highest view count than any other communications channel on social media. Start posting mini videos and uploading stories of your event to engage with your audience.

Showcase the back of stage work that goes on to bring your event to life, maybe a sneak peak of a performer everyone is excited to see live.

When the event goes live, make sure you’re posting on these channels to get as many last-minute event goers as possible to get them up and about. There are endless possibilities to using this channel to better engage with your audience.

Express yourself with your emoji's 🤯

We all know a picture speaks a thousand words; this is crucial for social media where you only have a few hundred to play with. That’s were emoji’s come in, express yourself, your brand with emojis to make your event more human to the user.

Look to express your event through emojis, looking to show the abundance of choices at your event? Add some emojis representing the food on display. 🍕🥞🍿

Looking to show a moonlight dinner, set the mood with some stars and moon🌝✨. Bring your brand to life by using winking faces 😉 and expressions that bring life to your post when reading. 🤩

Give as many details as possible

Attention is short on social media. If you’re trying to get more event ticket sales, then start pushing more information in a shorter amount of space. Using photography? Then put all the details of the event on the photo itself. It means people can share your message without having to type out details again – make it easier for people to share your event!

Don’t underestimate your influencers

Do you have people who can spread the word with large social networks? Target them offline and see if they’ll share your event. Maybe you could even give them a few free tickets to give away. Don’t underestimate the reach those people have, and target them accordingly.


We hope these tips will help you to build more confidence with social media and use it to your advantage.


Don't forget, track referrals and more from social media with TryBooking, take advantage of our wide array of reports and cheap cost to ensure your event promotion stays targetted with a healthy budget.


Good luck with your event!


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The TryBooking Team

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