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TryBooking is proud that we have supported community groups for over 10 years with the lowest fees in the industry. Our fees are less than half of other providers in the market! This means you could charge less to ticket buyers or end up with more in your pocket after the event.

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Paid by the event organiser
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Includes credit card fees
Paid by the ticket buyer
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Paid by the ticket buyer
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TryBooking is the most affordable event ticketing solution in the industry. There are no ongoing monthly fees, tiered pricing or hidden charges. Our pricing structure is simple for event organisers and ticket buyers.

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Great pricing with data privacy

We will not market to your customers, they won't be cross sold other events and we don't share their data with third parties.

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You choose who pays the fees

Want to absorb the TryBooking fees, or charge them to the ticket buyer? You are in charge of who pays what fee. Update your fee structure in the fees section of the portal.

Our great pricing includes all our great features

TryBooking is a powerful and easy to use event ticketing platform. There are no extra costs for any of our features and you have access to our superb local support.

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