Number of tickets for event
Ticket price
Number of tickets per booking

TryBooking event cost

TryBooking Booking Fee TryBooking Processing Fee
$ 6.00 $ 24.33
$ 30.33

Eventbrite* event cost

Eventbrite Service Fee Eventbrite Processing Fee GST Fees (if you're not a business)
$ 44.80 $ 20.00 $ 15.00
$ 79.80

* As sourced from on July 1st, 2017

Pricing overview

TryBooking is a cost-effective ticketing platform and a great system if you are looking for Eventbrite alternatives. Our pricing has remained low for over 10 years and we support a community of  event organisers. Eventbrite fees and charges are prohibitive and we believe that our low fee structure is the most competitive and transparent in the industry. 

See how our local support, low pricing, and experience can make a difference to your event. 

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TryBooking Affordable for Event Organisers and Attendees

Keep costs low and save

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TryBooking service fee


+ 30 cents per ticket

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Processing fees


+ 50 cents per transaction

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Community commitment

Free for free events

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TryBooking advantage

One great reason to consider TryBooking is our commitment to data privacy, local customer support, and third-party marketing. 

You might notice that when you purchase a ticket on TryBooking you do not need an account. This means that your customers will not receive ongoing marketing from TryBooking or any other third party event. We never engage in direct marketing to your customers and allow event organisers to control everything. Ticket purchasers value privacy and we believe it creates a better experience for everyone. TryBooking is the best alternative to Eventbrite and our track record of great service, data privacy, and low prices are just a few great reasons to consider our platform.

TryBooking's commitment. 

- No third party advertising. 

- Event organisers control their own data.

- Affordable fees.

- Expert service.


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