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May 31, 2024 · 1 min read

20 Ideas to Spark Your NAIDOC Week Event Planning

20 Ideas to Spark Your NAIDOC Week Event Planning

NAIDOC Week rolls around every year, presenting a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the rich history, vibrant culture, and ongoing achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. But for event organisers, the question often arises: how can we create an engaging and meaningful experience?

Fear not! This blog dives into 20 NAIDOC Week event ideas that will spark your creativity and help you plan a truly memorable occasion.

1. Welcome Country and Smoking Ceremony:

Kick things off right with a traditional Welcome to Country by a local Elder. This sets a respectful tone and acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land. Follow it up with a Smoking Ceremony – a beautiful cleansing ritual that signifies respect for Country.

2. Indigenous Art Workshops:

NAIDOC Week is a prime time to celebrate Indigenous art! Organise a workshop where participants can try their hand at dot painting. You can also go through the room to see what each participants inspiration for the artwork was and what their artwork means to them.

3. Bush Tucker Feast:

Take your guests on a culinary journey with a bush tucker tasting. Work with a local Indigenous caterer to showcase native Australian ingredients like wattleseed, damper, and kangaroo. Don't forget to include information about the cultural significance of each dish!

Also ensure you take everyone’s dietary requirements before the workshop to ensure everyone’s safety, you can use the custom forms feature on TryBooking to easily do so when taking bookings for your event.

4. NAIDOC Week Film Festival:

There are some incredible documentaries and films that explore Indigenous stories and experiences. Organise a screening night with a Q&A session featuring a local Indigenous filmmaker or cultural expert.

5. NAIDOC Trivia Night:

Put your guests' knowledge to the test with a fun NAIDOC Week trivia night! This is a great way to learn interesting facts about Indigenous cultures, languages, and history – all in a lighthearted and engaging atmosphere.

6. Live Music and Dance Performance:

Immerse your audience in the beauty of Indigenous music and dance. Invite a local Indigenous performance group to showcase their talents.

7. Panel Discussion on a NAIDOC Week Theme:

Each year, NAIDOC Week has a specific theme. Organise a panel discussion featuring prominent Indigenous voices who can delve deeper into the theme's meaning and significance.

8. Storytelling for All Ages:

Storytelling is a central part of Indigenous cultures. Invite an Elder or Indigenous storyteller to share traditional stories with your audience. This is a powerful way to connect with the past and gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous traditions.

9. Indigenous Fashion Show:

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of Indigenous fashion with a runway show. This could feature contemporary designers who incorporate traditional elements into their work, or even showcase traditional clothing from various Indigenous groups.

10. Traditional Games Tournament:

Did you know there are many traditional Indigenous Australian games? Organise a tournament featuring games like woomera throwing, koolche, or even play a game of marngrook. This is a fun and interactive way to learn about Indigenous culture.

11. Arts and Crafts Market:

Support Indigenous artists and businesses by hosting an arts and crafts market. This is a great opportunity for attendees to purchase unique and beautiful Indigenous artwork, jewellery, and textiles.

If your looking for a easy point of sale system for your arts and crafts market that also tracks sales alongside your ticketing and booking sales, check out the TryBooking box office app that works on your phone to accept payment easier than ever before.

12. Cooking Demonstration with an Indigenous Chef:

Learn the secrets of Indigenous cuisine with a cooking demonstration by a talented Indigenous chef. Participants can not only watch but also get hands-on experience and whip up some delicious dishes.

13. Didgeridoo Workshop:

The didgeridoo is a truly iconic instrument. Organise a workshop where participants can learn the basics of playing this unique instrument. Who knows, you might even discover some hidden musical talents.

14. Book Launch and Author Talk:

Support Indigenous authors by hosting a book launch and author talk. This is a great opportunity to learn about new books on Indigenous topics and engage with the author in a Q&A session.

15. Educational Workshops on Indigenous Topics:

There's always more to learn! Organise workshops on various Indigenous topics like history, languages, art, or environmental practices. This is a valuable opportunity to deepen understanding and appreciation.

16. Nature Walk with an Indigenous Guide:

Connect with nature and learn about traditional land management practices with a guided nature walk led by an Indigenous guide. This is a chance to explore the local environment and gain a deeper appreciation for Country.

17. Virtual Reality Experience:

Technology can be a powerful tool for education and awareness. Consider offering a virtual reality experience that allows participants to immerse themselves in Indigenous cultures and learn about their connection to Country.

18. School Visit and Cultural Sharing:

Educate the next generation. Organise a cultural sharing session with an Indigenous Elder or knowledge keeper to come to your school. This will allow students to learn firsthand about Indigenous cultures and traditions.

19. Get Active: NAIDOC Week Fun Run/Walk:

Organise a community event that gets everyone moving! Host a NAIDOC Week fun run or walk. This is a healthy and inclusive way to celebrate and promote reconciliation.

20. Leave a Lasting Legacy: Community Art Project:

Create a lasting impact with a collaborative community art project. This could involve painting a mural, creating a public sculpture, or planting a native garden using Indigenous landscaping techniques.

Other Tips Remember

  • Always acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where your event is taking place.
  • Partner with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to ensure your event is respectful and culturally appropriate.
  • Promote your event widely to attract a diverse audience.

By following these tips and using these ideas as a springboard, you can plan a NAIDOC Week event that celebrates, educates, and inspires!

When looking to organise an event, it can be handy to simplify your ticketing and booking process through a platform like TryBooking.

Easily take payment and manage bookings, while also taking any important information like dietary requirements during the booking process. Just sign up & create your event today!

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