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Jun 28, 2017 · 2 min read

Features that can assist creating successful sporting events

Features that can assist creating successful sporting events

Sporting clubs are the backbone of many communities, but they’re often run by volunteers – which means there’s a limit on just how much they can get done.

Many sports clubs still rely on outdated and manual processes that end up taking even more time. 

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. 

There is plenty of technology and digital tools available to help sports clubs volunteers to spend less time on admin, and more time doing things that can make a difference.

What are some of those ways?


Online registrations

Having so many registration forms to manage mean sports clubs are inundated with papers. 

They’re easily lost, easily damaged, and they just take up too much room. 

Fortunately, registrations can be performed entirely online now, and what’s more, most members prefer to do that anyway.

For instance, information including skill level, physical conditions, etc, along with the ability for members to agree to terms and conditions means registering online is much better than having to fill out forms and hand them in. 

TryBooking cater to sports clubs and allow you to take registrations online with a minimal amount of fuss.


Taking membership fees

Of course, one of the biggest pain points for volunteer clubs is money – raising money is so important, yet it can often be difficult to wrangle up late payments. 

This is why digital tools are such a blessing, they can allow sports clubs to gather money at the same time as registrations, ensuring much more dependent cashflow and more straightforward experience for club members.

Additionally, this allows an even bigger benefit – on platforms like TryBooking if a payment isn’t received, the registration doesn’t go through. 

This makes things clear and simple for everyone. 


Uniform and equipment sales

Sporting clubs selling uniforms, merchandise or equipment tend to keep things on a cash basis. It’s time-consuming and risky. 

But if you use online registration forms you can even plug in the e-commerce process, by just listing the types of equipment or uniforms someone needs before they start.

This is a huge time saver. It means that you don’t need to meet up with someone to organise their equipment, and you can just get lists of equipment to have ready when they arrive. 

It also means that you get the member or registrant to select what size uniforms they will need, whether they want to buy a set etc. They make the decisions without you having to ask, and they can pay for it at the same time as their registration fees. 

The best part of this is that it essentially turns your physical process into an e-commerce store without any more trouble – you can do this on TryBooking by just replacing session times with uniform types. Easy.


Sell tickets

One of the most common uses for online tools is selling tickets for events and fundraisers like trivia nights or charity sports matches. It is the easiest way to digitise a common task. 

By doing it online, it means that all of your guest lists, RSVPs and payments are in one place, so you’re not managing separate databases – and if you use tools like TryBooking you can handle venue templates and seating arrangements as well as easily export the data to upload to other CRMs. 


Separate admin control

When using digital tools one of the biggest concerns is admin control – who has access to what, and when? 

This is actually easier than with paper records, which anyone can find at any time even if they’re in a locked cabinet somewhere. 

Instead, digital records allow an admin to decide which volunteers have access at what time, which removes headaches and makes things heaps easier to manage.


In this day and age, it may seem like there is a push for everything to go digital - but not without good reason. Trend aside, going online can be of a huge benefit to your sports club and save your volunteers time, cash and lots of headache. 

It might be your time to get rid of paper and turn your club into a digital powerhouse – and you’ll be happy you did.  


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The TryBooking Team

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