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May 15, 2024 · 1 min read

How TryBooking Streamlines Ticket Sales for Congested Events

How TryBooking Streamlines Ticket Sales for Congested Events

Organising a large event involves many challenges, including marketing, crowd management, and most importantly, efficient ticket sales and distribution.

Thankfully today, event organisers are increasingly using online platforms to simplify these tasks. TryBooking, with its extensive range of tools, is especially effective for handling the demands of large events.

Whether you’re hosting a festival or operating a large-scale theatre, you have the tools to manage your ticket sales in person and online to make ticketing the least challenging part of your event.

Here's how TryBooking can improve the process for both organisers and attendees.

5 Ways TryBooking Helps High Demand & Low Supple Events

  • 1. 1. Queue System
  • 2. 2. Flexible Discount Codes and Promotions
  • 3. 3. Comprehensive Box Office Solutions
  • 4. 4. Exclusive Access with Password Protection
  • 5. 5. Secure Seat Holds for Members or Season Ticket Holders

1. Queue System

For events expecting high demand, the initial rush to purchase tickets can overwhelm many systems, leading to system issues and frustrated customers.

TryBooking offers a robust queue system that manages these scenarios. You can work with our dedicated customer support team to help develop a limit that works perfectly for your event.

Once an event goes live, the system controls the flow of traffic by allowing only a set number of ticket buyers per minute.

Those who don't make it through immediately are placed in a queue with a short wait time, typically around one minute, before they can proceed with their purchase.

2. Flexible Discount Codes and Promotions

Promotions and discounts are vital tools in an event organiser's arsenal, helping to drive early bookings and manage the flow of attendees.

With TryBooking, you can create a variety of discount codes and promotions, such as early bird pricing, VIP discounts, or late registration fees.

These incentives can be targeted at specific groups or made available to all potential attendees, giving you the flexibility to tailor your pricing strategy according to their marketing needs and audience demographics.

3. Comprehensive Box Office Solutions

The Box Office App from TryBooking is an organiser’s delight, particularly for managing sales throughout the event from tickets, merchandise, food and drinks.

For events that require more traditional methods, such as printing tickets, the web-based box office that integrates with the hired printing machine and terminal. Paired with the TryBooking Scanning App you can scan tickets for those ticket buyers that bought their tickets online, allowing you to better crowd manage your event.

Whether it's a concert, a conference, or a sporting event, having these tools at your disposal ensures a smooth entry process, reducing bottlenecks and improving the attendee experience right from the start.

4. Exclusive Access with Password Protection

For events that offer priority or early access to certain groups but want more control over sales, TryBooking’s password protect feature is invaluable.

This tool allows you to set up a custom password that attendees must enter to access ticket sales, helping you control who can buy tickets and when.

This feature is particularly useful for managing pre-sales or special access events, ensuring that only eligible attendees can make purchases during the designated window.

5. Secure Seat Holds for Members or Season Ticket Holders

For venues with assigned seating, such as theaters or sports arenas, the Seat Holds feature is a game changer.

This allows event organisers to reserve specific seats for season ticket holders or members, who then can then use a password to select and secure their seats during the booking process.

This hassle-free method ensures that loyal patrons have their preferred seats secured, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


TryBooking provides a host of solutions tailored to the needs of large events, addressing common challenges faced by event organisers.

From managing the initial rush of ticket sales with an efficient queue system to offering flexible promotional tools and secure access features, TryBooking helps streamline the entire event management process.

This not only improves the experience for attendees, making it smoother and more enjoyable, but also significantly eases the organiser’s workload, leading to successful, well-managed events.

Whether you're planning a major music festival, a large conference, or a sports tournament, incorporating TryBooking into your event planning strategy can lead to increased efficiency and greater attendee satisfaction, ensuring your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

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