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Feb 21, 2024 · 1 min read

How TryBooking Services the Needs of Local Theatres

How TryBooking Services the Needs of Local Theatres

In the vibrant world of community theatres, where creativity takes centre stage, managing ticket sales, memberships, and events efficiently is crucial.

Enter TryBooking, a comprehensive solution designed to cater specifically to the diverse needs of local theatres.

Let's delve into how TryBooking transforms the theatre-going experience for both organisers and patrons.

1. Box Office Suite: Sell, Scan, and Simplify

Imagine having the power of a complete Box Office Suite right at your fingertips.

With TryBooking, local theatres can seamlessly manage ticket sales, merchandise, food, and drinks all within a single, user-friendly system.

Whether it's your own phone, or tablet, the Tap to Pay feature empowers theatres to handle transactions effortlessly.

Ushers can use the Ticket Scanning App to scan tickets swiftly, providing live updates on the number of tickets scanned—a game-changer for streamlined entry management.

2. Seat Holds: Elevating the Season Ticket Holder Experience

For local theatres aiming to provide a premium experience for season ticket holders, TryBooking introduces Seat Holds.

This feature allows patrons to reserve their seats for all shows at the theatre.

Theatres can assign unique codes for access, ensuring season ticket holders get the seats they desire while maintaining control over booking windows.

The ability to designate specific seat blocks to particular groups adds a layer of customisation, with options for special pricing.

3. Password Protect: Managing Presales for members/ friends of the theatre.

Reward your loyal patrons with presales to your shows, before they go on sale to the general public, offer an exclusive early bird offer.

The functionality allows theatres to set passwords based on membership number, email address or a simple password.

4. Auditions: Find the perfect cast for your production

Use our timed entry system to setup auditions for your productions. Collection information from the performing on their experience, audition material and any other information you want to collect using custom forms.

5. Pricing: Affordability Meets Trust

TryBooking takes pride in being one of the most cost-effective ticketing solutions in the market. With a minimal 2.5% processing fee and a 50-cent per ticket fee (GST included).

TryBooking is trusted by over 175,000 event organisers, including schools, government entities, non-profits, sports groups, and, of course, community theatres.

6. Custom Event Page Branding: Showcasing Uniqueness

Every theatre production has its own unique flair, and TryBooking recognizes the importance of this individuality.

The platform enables local theatres to create custom event pages, showcasing not only the theme of the show but also providing a platform to highlight sponsors and partners.

7. Seating Plans: Effortless Design and Organisation

Creating seating plans has never been easier. TryBooking allows theatres to designate reserved seats, disability seating, and create templates for each show.

The result? Effortless design and organisation, ensuring a smooth experience for both organisers and attendees.

8. Free for Free Events: Supporting Community Engagement

For theatres hosting free events, TryBooking offers a generous feature—no fees are charged at all.

It's a commitment to supporting community engagement and ensuring that even free events benefit from the convenience of the platform.

Ready to Elevate Your Theatre Experience?

In conclusion, TryBooking is not just a ticketing platform; it's a comprehensive solution tailored for local theatres.

Whether you're a seasoned organiser or a budding theatre group, TryBooking invites you to explore the possibilities.

Book a demo with our fantastic product team to experience all the features firsthand or create an account to start exploring the system on your own terms.

Let TryBooking be the stage manager for your next blockbuster production!

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