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May 23, 2024 · 1 min read

5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate National Volunteer Week

5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week is an ideal time to recognise and appreciate the selfless contributions of volunteers across sporting clubs, schools, charities and much more.

This special week offers a unique opportunity for organisations to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism in our community.

But the main question on everyone’s mind is, how do you plan to honour the dedication and impact of your volunteers?

1. Host a Volunteer Night

Organise a special evening dedicated solely to your volunteers.

This event can include team-building activities, fun games, and interactive sessions that not only entertain but also foster a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

Utilise a platform like TryBooking to manage event bookings and details, for example learning everyone’s dietary requirements or opinion on which activity they would like to do.

2. Hold an Award Ceremony to Showcase Achievements

An award ceremony is a formal way to recognise the hard work and achievements of your volunteers.

Highlight their contributions with awards or certificates of appreciation.

This not only motivates your volunteers but also publicly acknowledges their vital role in your organisation.

The ceremony could include speeches, a presentation of key projects, and recognition of standout volunteers.

3. Arrange a Drinks & Dinner Evening

There’s no better way to say thank you than hosting a dinner in honour of your volunteers.

A relaxed evening with drinks and dinner offers a perfect setting for volunteers to unwind and mingle with their peers and the leadership team.

Such gatherings are essential not only for celebration but also for building stronger relationships within your volunteer community.

4. Personal Thank You Letters and Certificates

In today’s digital age, a personal thank you letter can make a big impact.

Take the time to write personalised letters to each volunteer, expressing gratitude for their specific contributions.

Accompany these letters with personalised certificates that volunteers can keep as mementos of their valuable contributions.

This personal touch goes a long way in making volunteers feel truly appreciated.

5. Give Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are a tangible way to express your appreciation.

These can range from customised items, such as flowers, chocolates, movie tickets, T-shirts and items with your organisation’s logo, to gift cards or other small tokens of appreciation.

Tailor these gifts to reflect the nature of your organisation and the personal interests of your volunteers.


Celebrating National Volunteer Week with these creative ideas will not only honour the contributions of your volunteers but also strengthen their commitment to your cause.

What other unique ways can you think of to celebrate your volunteers? How will you implement these ideas to ensure your volunteers feel appreciated and valued?

Remember, platforms like TryBooking are invaluable for simplifying the management of such events, from gala dinners for award ceremonies to getting volunteers to register for a night out.

Planning your volunteer week activities can be efficient and enjoyable, ensuring that your focus remains on celebrating and appreciating those who give so much to your community.

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