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Oct 06, 2023 · 1 min read

Choosing the Right Page: Event or Fundraising, When and Why?

Choosing the Right Page: Event or Fundraising, When and Why?

When looking to run a school fundraising you are often faced with the decision of whether to create an event page or a fundraising page on TryBooking. Each has its purpose and can be a powerful tool in achieving your fundraising goals. So, how do you decide which one to use? Let's break it down with some practical examples.

Main Benefits & Features of Both:

Fundraising Page

Event Page

- One-time donations - Collect information 
- Accepting recurring donations - Seating arrangements 
- Individual fundraising pages - Provide tickets
- Provide tax receipts - Take donations alongside


When To Create A Fundraising Page

If your school is raising funds for a new building, supporting a third-party cause, or aiming to gather donations without the need for ticket bookings, a fundraising page is the way to go. This type of page is designed to collect monetary contributions for a specific cause or campaign.

Example: Imagine your school is looking to fundraise for a new library. You want to raise funds receiving sponsored donations from families in your school community. In this case, you create a fundraising page dedicated to this campaign. Supporters can visit the page and make donations directly and receive a tax receipt without needing to book tickets for an event.

When To Create An Event Page

If your fundraising effort involves a more interactive and engaging activity, or like a walkathon involving many students, creating an event page is a smarter choice. Event pages are ideal when you not only want to raise funds but also gather information from donors and participants, such as parent details and dietary requirements.

Example: Picture your school organising a Walkathon event to raise funds for a local children's hospital. You expect a large turnout, with students across the whole school participating. In this scenario, setting up an event page makes sense. It allows you to collect information from donors on which student they would like to attribute the donation to.

Now, let's shift our focus to raising money through specific events like gala dinners, concerts, or raffles. If you're planning a school event where you want parents, students, and the community to book tickets or seats, then creating an event page is the best choice.

Example: Your school is organising a grand Gala Dinner to celebrate an important milestone or fundraise for a social cause. For this event, you would create an event page. It enables interested attendees to select the number of tickets they need, plus donate extra if they wish, specify seating preferences, and easily book their spots.


In conclusion, the decision between creating an event page or a fundraising page on TryBooking boils down to your specific goals and the nature of your fundraising efforts.

Whether you're supporting a cause, hosting a grand event, or even combining both strategies, TryBooking provides the flexibility to tailor your approach to meet your school's fundraising needs.

So, as you plan your next school fundraising initiative, consider the objectives, audience, and logistics involved, and choose the right page accordingly. Remember, TryBooking team is here to support your efforts in building a stronger school community while achieving your fundraising goals.

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