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Apr 11, 2022 · 1 min read

Features Helping Associations & Clubs Connect With Their Community Through Events

Features Helping Associations & Clubs Connect With Their Community Through Events

Associations and Clubs across Australia work tirelessly to help enrich their communities, support their interests, and inspire people to socially connect.

From representing their community's business, vocational and professional interests; encouraging personal growth via community-based events; creating support networks for women and children or opportunities for retirees to socially connect - Associations and Clubs across the country work tirelessly to support their communities through fundraising and events.

Founded on similar goals and shared commitments – TryBooking is a proud supporter of Associations and Clubs Australia-wide.

Our aligned goals   

Making a positive Impact

At TryBooking, we share a passion for bringing people together - working with individuals, Clubs, Associations, leading organisations and community groups across Australia to ensure event organisers succeed in everything they do.

Bringing people Together

Our mission is to bring people together through events. We do this via market-leading low rates that ensure our services are accessible to all. Our pricing structure is set, so that everyone can afford to use TryBooking. Our system is available free of charge for any free events or registrations.

Enriching Communities

We are committed to making a positive impact in the community, not only through accessibility but through our fundraising platform and donation features that provide additional revenue streams allowing us to positively contribute to the causes that are important to you and TryBooking community members.

The Challenge

Events are not always easy - but selling tickets online, taking bookings and managing fundraising initiatives should be. We understand the demands of mostly volunteer-run organisations with limited budgets and staff resources. Our founders created the TryBooking system with these specific challenges in mind and for over 13 years we’ve worked with Associations across Australia helping them sell tickets, manage bookings, raise funds and deliver events with ease and success.

Our easy-to-use, online event ticketing, registration and fundraising platform – supported by market-leading low rates and exceptional customer support – makes running community events and fundraising easy for Associations and clubs – and here's how.

TryBooking Features Making Events Easy for Associations and Clubs

Association Fundraisers

Raising funds to support community initiatives is a key mission for most Associations. With a TryBooking online Fundraising Page, you'll be collecting donations in minutes. TryBooking allows you to have multiple Fundraising Pages running at once - whether they are for general donations or specific goals such as a local community initiative.

Annual General Meetings

Managing meeting attendee registrations, collecting dietary requirements and communicating with guests before your AGM can produce a heavy admin workload. With a TryBooking online Event Page, you can simply and easily manage everything online in one place. Share your event privately or publicly via your unique booking URL or amplify your reach on social media via our Event Publication settings.



TryBooking supports conference events – online and in person. From large-scale national events for more than 20,000 attendees to smaller local conferences, TryBooking offers an easy-to-use, safe and reliable solution to your conference ticking needs. Manage conference ticket sales and promotions online, offer multiple types of venue seating and event options to best support your conference. Allocate seating, manage tabled seating, collect dietary requirements and easily generate RSVP lists to help streamline guest arrival on the date of your event.


Gala Dinners

TryBooking offers an easy system to create multiple tabled seating options for large, medium and small-scale Gala Dinner events. Allow guests to submit tabled seating requests, provide dietary requirements and then simply and easily track RSVPs and auto-generate your on-the-night invite list.

Local Farmers Markets

Local markets across the country are run by dedicated Association volunteers. Managing, stall bookings, communications and logistics is a huge job in itself. With TryBooking, Local Farmers Market event organisers can list and sell stall space using multiple pricing tiers, generate sales reports and maintain an accurate-customers data based in all one place.


Community Events & Art Shows

Brand your community event or art show and represent your Association via custom imagery, brand colours and your logo on your Event Page and printed tickets.



Manage membership fees, safely collect & own member data without any third party marketing to your members and process payments using our trusted online payment system.

Fundraising and Donations

Whether you are looking to raise funds to renovate or build new facilities for your community, gain access to more resources, support local initiatives, programs and events, TryBooking provides the perfect platform to encourage your community to simply and easily donate to your Fundraising Page.



TryBooking is very respectful of the privacy of all users on its site and is PCI compliant. View our certificate of compliance.

Market Leading Lowest Rates

Our mission is to build great features and provide excellent customer service while keeping pricing as low as possible for you and your attendees. There is no cost associated with creating an event, no lock-in contracts, sign-up or account maintenance fees, nor any subscription costs.


Free for Free Events

TryBookng is completely free to use when running free events, and for paid events, it's only 50 cents per ticket + a 2.5% processing fee. Having one system for both paid and free events can see an increase in uptake and RSVP rates.

Exceptional Customer Support

We pride ourselves in and are dedicated to exceptional customer support. Receive personalised, local support from our dedicated Australian team at no additional cost. Use our 13 years of experience in event ticket sales, to run your best event.


Create your first event today – free!

We encourage you to create an account and see for yourself how easy the TryBooking site is to both create and manage your next event or to simply book an event.


Good luck with your next event,

The TryBooking Team

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