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"TryBooking has revolutionised the way I run my business. I have so much more time for myself and my family."


Nyree Alexander, the Director of All Stars Performing Arts School, had had enough of time-consuming Dance Accounting systems. She confides that the administration of running her dance school "was killing me, I just wanted to share my love of dance!".


The change

When Nyree switched her operations to TryBooking, it changed the way she does business for the better.

"TryBooking has revolutionised the way I run my business. I have so much more time for myself and my family!"

Nyree had been using TryBooking for her concerts as she really liked the seating plan feature, whereby parents can select and pay for their seats at the time of booking, which encouraged early bookings. The suite of reports available in TryBooking allowed her to keep track of event revenue, door lists, ticket sales by type and time, and map bookings. For Nyree, that meant "no reconciling statements, no loose EFTPOS slips, and no interruptions while teaching". All at no extra cost! TryBooking is like having a 24/7 box office, an administration assistant and a reliable friend working for you.

Nyree noticed TryBooking being used in other ways, such as for the collection of term fees at dance schools, uniform purchases, DVD sales, collecting information about performers, and communicating with parents. She says she was drawn to the idea of "being able to see all my paid costumes, classes, and exams in one place". This gave her the idea to run everything through TryBooking, "it just seemed like the natural option. It turned the way we work on its head!". 

With TryBooking, "I can list all my classes and parents can book themselves into their preferred day and pay upfront to confirm their place. I can cap the number of students in each class and a waiting list becomes available once a class is full".


The result


Looking back, I realise the switch to TryBooking was just 'business 101'.


No longer having to chase payments is such a relief for Nyree who commented, "Previously, it would get to concert time and I would have to hold back on handing out tickets or costumes for a child until their fees were paid up. It's a confrontational way to do business and one I wanted to change. Now, if a student turns up to class unregistered we simply hand them a how-to-book form. If they're still not registered by the next class they have to sit out. These days, they're all registered by the third class! Looking back, I realise the switch to TryBooking was just 'business 101".

Nyree explains that TryBooking is affordable and accessible for everyone. "It costs only 30c per ticket for patrons and I cover the bank transaction fee, which is small compared to the cost of my time in chasing payments". There's no set up costs, training costs, contracts or commitments. If your event is free, TryBooking is free to use. Now that's something to dance about!

The switch to TryBooking has turned my life and my business around!"

Nyree advises all dance schools to give the friendly team at TryBooking a go and see how we can help.


Nyree Alexander
All Stars Performing Arts School