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Pranshi Group Limited is an entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Who specialises in organising high-quality and memorable events across a wide range of genres, all aimed at providing exceptional entertainment experiences for attendees. The Pranshi Group manages 10 to 15 events each year that focuses on highlighting diverse talent from both local and international performers.

Pranshi Group organises some of the most iconic bollywood music concerts in Auckland. Recently the group hosted a Garba Night featuring the famed Aditya Gadhvi, the famous Gujrati singer who wrote fan favourite songs across Bollywood.

Key Reasons for Choosing TryBooking

The turning point for Pranshi Group came in 2023 when they made the pivotal decision to transition to TryBooking as their preferred ticketing provider. The decision was fuelled by several factors, with affordability, user-friendliness, and top-notch customer service topping the list. The group sought a ticketing platform that aligned with their values of providing seamless event experiences and fostering better communication with their patrons. TryBooking's low fees and advanced features made it the ideal choice to support their growing events.

Results and Impact

Recently, Pranshi Group has witnessed transformative changes in their events. A major shift has been observed in the way visitors interact, engage, and support their events. Patrons have been preferring to go in large groups and international performances have stricken a chord with their audience, leading to Pranshi Group to look for a more professional and fully featured ticketing system to handle the larger music events.

TryBooking's mobile scanning app and features have been instrumental in streamlining the ticketing process. The mobile scanning app enables efficient entrance management, while the quick sale empowers Pranshi Group to sell tickets in person seamlessly. This convenience has translated into significant savings in terms of time and effort, reducing their workload by nearly 80%.

Furthermore, Pranshi Group successfully incentivised online ticket sales by encouraging clients to purchase tickets in advance. This initiative saw a considerable number of clients opt for online purchases, further simplifying the event entry process.

The TryBooking experience for their customers has been described as "very easy and professional." Pranshi Group has found the communication and support provided by TryBooking to be outstanding, with the company offering prompt assistance whenever needed.

Future with TryBooking

When asked about the future, Pranshi Group expressed their intent to continue using TryBooking for upcoming events. Their positive experience with the platform has also led them to recommend it to others. The group has become a staunch advocate for TryBooking, referring several other event organisers who have had successful experiences.

Pranshi Group's journey with TryBooking highlights the transformative power of choosing the right ticketing partner, underlining the critical role it plays in ensuring the success of events, from ticket sales to guest satisfaction.