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Jump Jam, the exercise initiative that blends dance and exercise, is a Kiwi institution. Every year, schools across New Zealand compete at Jump Jam Challenges, showcasing their favourite routines on-stage. After a massive expansion in 2018, Jump Jam needed a better solution for ticketing. Enter TryBooking.

Linda Fairweather is the organiser of the Jump Jam Challenge program. It’s her job to make sure everything runs smoothly before, during and after each event. "In the beginning, we did just door sales," she remarks. "From there we moved to presales, with schools ordering and distributing tickets for the parents. Two years ago we started online ticketing, which was so much easier for us, teachers and coaches. However, the system we used required us to send in photos and spiels before we could even get started, let alone negotiating the costs."

Finding a better solution

With an increase in the number of competitions being held and a desire for more control, Linda set out to find a better ticketing platform that could save her time and meet her growing needs. "I recalled a teacher in Australia and his enthusiasm for TryBooking, how much easier it was for him to use. I checked the system out and thought it looked easy. I set it up during an extremely busy time and managed to get things up and running pretty quickly."

The results exceeded Linda’s expectations. "Managing my events was so much easier. I could add tickets, add ticket types, and get better reports. I could do this on my phone or my computer, at any time, day or night, and I didn’t have to wait for people down the line to sort it out for me."

Reaching out

"The only time things got tricky was when it came to loading buttons and links to our website," says Linda. Rather than wading through it alone, she got in touch with TryBooking’s Client Success team. "Anneliese stepped in and sorted it quickly and professionally. She answered my questions clearly and helped in so many ways! She really made my experience."

An easy way to promote

After setting up all her events, Linda’s next task was to take bookings. With so many competitions on the calendar, she decided to create an Event Listing Page. "Having a special page that had all our events loaded certainly made access quicker."

As bookings started coming in, Linda noticed she wasn’t the only one impressed with TryBooking. "Parents found the system very easy to use and liked that it didn’t cost them heaps in fees; teachers loved that they didn’t have to sort things out for the parents!"

e-Checking in

On competition days, Linda works with both her own team and venue staff to manage attendees. Previously, the only way she had to check people in was off hard-copy lists, which meant online sales had to close early enough for her to wrangle the data. This year, she was able to use the TryBooking app.

"I used the app on 3 different phones," says Linda. "It was great to see at a glance who had and hadn’t arrived and be able to track ticket sales. I also loved that it could be given to anyone to scan people in."

"We kept ticket sales open until just before the doors opened, which saved us so much time, and last minute tickets sales were way down on previous years. This meant I didn’t have to worry about cash handling at the door, keeping the cash safe or having people we didn’t know working with it."

Linda also set up rules on the app, letting her and her team filter tickets as they were scanned. "I loved that rules could be set—I wish I had known about them earlier! With each event, we reviewed and refined, and kept improving our rules and ticket types."

So, would Linda recommend TryBooking?

"I already have and will do over and over. I really love the way this app and system have transformed our ticket sales. If you are selling tickets to an event and want a hassle-free experience go with Trybooking. It was so easy for us and our ticket buyers to use, and the fees for the end user are far better than any other company we have used. We loved everything about the system—our events ran so smoothly because of TryBooking."