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Sunbury Primary School is based in Melbourne, Australia. The school has a strong family theme with various programs and opportunities for parents to get involved with the school community.


Sunbury Primary School wanted to impose ticket limits per family for their first ever school-wide performance. Leah Baensch, the school's Arts teacher, talks about her experience with TryBooking and her hugely successful event.


The change

Leah says she first considered TryBooking when a teacher friend recommended the website and explained it was something that would mean less work, time and hassle for her concert team.

"I was soon confident that TryBooking would be a better option for our parent community."

It was TryBooking's flexibility in allowing her to set limits on ticket numbers that really proved valuable to Leah.

“We did the maths and could only guarantee a maximum of four tickets per family. TryBooking allowed us to advertise this in advance, set ticket limits and monitor sales. If parents had more than the maximum amount of tickets in their cart, we could see this. I was happy with this option on the website as it really allowed us to enforce our fairness policy!”


“TryBooking helped me succeed in managing a whole school event that our children and parents are still talking about. ”

Leah was really impressed with the support she received. “The TryBooking team is remarkable! They are such great listeners, they make so many wonderful suggestions and gave such helpful advice. Moreover, they kept me calm in stressful situations. It's clear the team has assisted setting ­up countless events. Their general and specific advice relating to our performance was invaluable.

The results

When asked how the parents responded to the new system, Leah explains that “parents want the easiest option possible, and TryBooking was the best way. Thanks to TryBooking we could introduce allocated seating for the first time and parents were so pleased to be able to book their seats in advance. Families used this information to seat themselves next to friends, or seat grandparents at the end of a row.

The TryBooking experience was excellent. The small booking fee is nothing compared to the stress and work of trying to ticket an event without TryBooking. The dashboard even had options to print out data that I wouldn't have considered collecting. On the event nights, I was able to print out a door list for all those forgetful families who could not find their tickets! I had information about their preferred email so I was able to re­send lost tickets prior to the event.

I will most definitely use TryBooking again and I would encourage anyone managing an event to do the same!”

Any final comments, Leah? “Yes, TryBooking helped me succeed in managing a whole school event that our children and parents are still talking about. Thanks to the support team and robust system, the whole event really came together. Thank you TryBooking!”

Leah Baensch
Sunbury Primary School