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Nov 01, 2022 · 1 min read

Start the New Year with a bang with these event ideas

Start the New Year with a bang with these event ideas

Whether you’re a fan of a cosy night in watching the fireworks on the telly or a big party is more your thing, bringing in the New Year is something we love to celebrate.

And whilst the cold dark nights of the British winter might not bring out that spirit straight away, one of the best things about bringing in the New Year is there’s so many different ways to celebrate. From champagne toasts as the clock strikes midnight to walks in the country with the kids on New Year’s Day, you’re spoilt for choice when planning your event.

Plus, celebrating the New Year isn’t the only excuse to bring people together. We’ve seen some great Burns Night celebrations in the planning already. Or why not dance the night away with a traditional Celidh?

To help you get started, the TryBooking team have put together some of our favourite event ideas to bring in the New Year and beyond.


Why wait until the clock strikes midnight to celebrate? This traditional Scottish festival ends the year in style, with traditions such as “first-footing” (bringing gifts to neighbours) and of course the singing of “Auld Lang Syne” on the streets. 

Having grown in popularity following the banning of traditional Christmas events in the 17th century, this festival is a great way to bring in the New Year. We’ve already seen plenty of great Hogmanay celebrations setup - including one at the Craftsman in Aberdeen.

Having a big party

Some would say that partying and bringing in the New Year are synonymous with one another. Arguably the most popular way of celebrating, it can also seem a bit daunting!

Fortunately, putting together a good New Year's party isn't as hard as it seems - whether you're at a specialist events venue, or even just in your front room. There's plenty of ways to make your party stand out too - why not try a 'Decades' dress code, or perhaps theme your event around some of the biggest music hits of the year?

Whatever you decide, New Years parties are bound to go down a hit with those who want to stay up for them. But for those who prefer a bit of early shut eye? Read on...

Walks and Activities

If you're catering for guests who aren't perhaps fans of staying up until the clock strikes midnight, there's plenty of great ways to bring in the New Year during the day, too.

Going for a walk can be a relaxing way to spend time with friends and family on New Years Day when shops and venues are often closed. We've already seen some great treks in the planning - such as this walk through the North Downs.

Fancy a dance?

A great event for the cold nights of January is a warm celidh, which is a traditional gathering which includes dancing to Gaelic folk music. It's an event that's easy to host no matter the size of your venue, too!

Burns Night celebrations

A celebration of the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns, a Burns Night supper on the 25th January is a night of both culinary (haggis, neeps and tatties) and cultural traditions - but also, a great reason to get friends and family together!

Plus, if you're catering for a larger audience, TryBooking has plenty of features to make planning your Burns Night a success, including easy menu selection and table planning.

So, there you have it - some great event ideas to help you start 2023 with a bang! We’ll be sharing more tips on how to plan and create the best events throughout the year, so stay tuned to our blog.

If you're looking for a ticketing platform, TryBooking is packed full of features to help you with all your event planning needs, making it easy to organise your event with an affordable ticketing solution.

If you need any help getting started, our friendly Customer Service team can help with ideas - or even just a quick once over! Just drop us an email or give us a call on 0333 344 3477.

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