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Jan 02, 2021 · 1 min read

How to set up Socially Distanced Seating Plans?

How to set up Socially Distanced Seating Plans?

To help the new social norm of being apart, TryBooking now has automated socially distanced seating plans.

Were you uncomfortable being too close to other people pre Covid-19, at least those not family and friends?

Society had become more and more comfortable with close contact, it seemed to have slowly increased over time – like a virus. Whether that be up to four kisses on the cheek when you greeted someone or potentially getting a little bit too close to other travelers on public transport. Surely sitting next to a stranger at an event was a breach of human rights – especially when hot summer weather had worked its magic.

Well now that we have experienced a pandemic for the first time in most of our lifetimes, we have renewed appreciation for personal space. It seems that the awkwardness now is whether a wave, fist bump, or the unusual elbow tap is the appropriate way to greet a person.

Running an event when even a couple of COVID cases exist can make ticket buyers nervous about pre-booking. Help alleviate their concerns  – create up to 5 seat spaces between each booking! This is well in excess of the government recommended 1.5-metre gap.  At this gap, there is a risk that your guest will feel more like they are on a Zoom call rather than at an event - but at least other attendees talking during a show may be slightly less irritating!

Don't want to compromise your event by allowing for too many gaps between seats? Why not set the pre-determined gap to a minimum of 1 seat  – just the right level to make your guests feel comfortable and still allowing for a sold-out profitable event. 

For more information, read more about the socially distanced seating feature.


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