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Nov 30, 2017 · 1 min read

How to edit booking details?

How to edit booking details?

You can now edit details of each booking to keep your event attendee/registrant’s records accurate and up-to-date. This plays a vital role in running a smooth event, understanding your audience and gaining insights for your future marketing efforts. 

When a patron completes a booking for your event, they are asked to provide some standard information such as email, phone, address, as well as any optional custom questions you may have added using the Data Collection feature. All of this data is stored in your TryBooking account for reports and future use.

From time to time, your patrons may enter their email address or dietary requirements incorrectly or need to add/change names of who is attending. It’s now easy to update any incorrect or outdated data via the Edit a Booking menu. 

Update standard and custom data
You can update the standard booking details (name, address, phone, email address) provided at checkout, or any optional custom data your patrons entered (dietary requirements, names of attendees, date of birth etc).

Note: You can’t update the number of tickets, the price paid, or change their seat or space allocation. These are completed via Move a Booking or Refund a Booking. 

Your data, your way
If an attendee requests to change the details of their booking, you can easily update the booking information. This means that when you download data using the export data report, you will have accurate information for your CRM, email application, marketing software or other TryBooking reports. 

Keeping accurate records is critical and your attendees will appreciate you updating the data, especially if it relates to their food preference or personal details. 

TryBooking gives you the power to edit your data so that your records are completely correct well in advance of your event.

Check out the learning centre for step-by-step instructions


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