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Nov 10, 2017 · 1 min read

How to use the event listing page?

How to use the event listing page?

If you are running multiple events and/or want to list all of your upcoming events in one place, the Event Listing Page is the perfect way to manage this. The Event Listing Page lets you easily promote your events and organisation on a single stylised page, without needing any coding or web design knowledge. 



The Event Listing Page displays your:

  • Profile/organisation’s description.
  • All of your public events in chronological order.
  • Live feeds from your organisation’s public Facebook or Twitter profiles (personal or private accounts cannot be used for this).
  • Custom logos and a main image.


Here is a branded Event Listing Page that demonstrates how yours could look.

You can add the link to your Event Listing Page on your promotional emails, event invitations and/or website. This will give guests greater exposure to your brand and makes it more convenient for them to book for multiple events at once.  


A professional event listing - no coding knowledge required

The Event Listing Page is designed to look and feel completely professional, without requiring any actual technical expertise to build. The page updates dynamically as you add new events or make changes to your existing events on TryBooking. Events are shown in date order and only public events will be displayed. 

The Event Listing Page is suitable for organisers running multiple events, such as councils. 


Promote multiple events
Drive users from your emails, social media and other marketing channels to your Event Listing Page and let them pick and choose what events they want to attend. Cross-promote a variety of events in one single location to encourage multiple bookings and ticket purchases.

Here is an example of how a School's Event Listing Page would look. 

The Event Listing Page delivers more awareness and revenue generating opportunities and is a great experience for patrons who want to see more of your upcoming events or learn more about your organisation. 


Build your page
It’s simple to create your Event Listing Page  - anyone can do it, and by following our guide you can build the page in minutes. Once it is ready to promote, you can simply generate a new Event Listing Page URL to share with your community.  

The Learning Centre has step-by-step instructions on building an Event Listing Page.

As always, we love hearing your feedback. Let us know what you think about the Event Listing Page on Facebook or Twitter.


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The TryBooking Team

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