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Dec 22, 2016 · 2 min read

Expectations and Incentives to find volunteers

Expectations and Incentives to find volunteers

Finding people to run your events isn’t easy, and even when people are enthusiastic to help out it doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing. Finding the right volunteers is a bigger problem than it seems.

You can get everything right beforehand, but you need people who are sure to put your organisation in the best light when running the mechanics of an event. 

Read up on some of these ways to find the best volunteers for your event.

Set your expectations from the start

Too often, things go wrong because there aren’t any guidelines in place for how volunteers should act, dress, or even go about their jobs.

Think about what your volunteers will need to do before the event, at the event, and even some post-event happenings that may occur. Do they need to bring anything, contribute anywhere, or attend meetings beforehand?

Think clearly about volunteer job descriptions and make sure each volunteer reads theirs. The more you set expectations the cleaner things will run.

Provide the right incentives

Volunteers probably don’t expect to get paid, but you should at least put some effort into providing compensation that makes it feel as though the event was worth the effort for them.

What that will be will depend on your event, and don’t go nuts – but also be sure to make your volunteers know they are appreciated.

Talk to other organisations about their volunteers

You’re not in competition – so network! Talk to other organisations about where they found their volunteers, and gather tips to help find your own. They may have built recruitment tools and other strategies you’d be dying to know about, so it always helps to tap the brains of those with more experience.

Be flexible, and reasonable

We get it. Your event is important, and you want to make sure it runs smoothly. But if you want to keep good volunteers, don’t turn everything into a job they’re likely not to show up for again. Volunteers love to contribute, but if they’re in a toxic environment they’re not going to stick around – no matter what cause they’re working for.

Be flexible if unexpected things happen. Don’t be overbearing or bossy, and above all, make sure your volunteers are having fun. Let their personalities shine through and feel comfortable doing so.

Remember, you’re running an event – not the country. It pays to loosen up a little! 

Check with existing databases

Having trouble getting started? Databases like GoVolunteer and Volunteering Australia may be able to help you out. Always look for these types of lists early on – it can save you a lot of trouble. 


Good luck finding the perfect volunteers!


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The TryBooking Team

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